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The Founder: A Startup Simulator to Test Your Entrepreneur Skill

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If you are afraid of in losing everything you have in starting a business. But you have a dream to become your own boss then this game is made for you for sure. It is The Founder, a browser game developed by Francis Tseng that you can play anywhere anytime all you need is a web browser in your hand.

This is one of its kind simulators and is fully concentrated on startups. How to build a business and make it successful? Your answer is here entrepreneurs. Make a virtual empire of your business in Boston, New York or San Francisco. A very interactive and responsive browser game that you are going to like and it is bit like SIMS developed by Maxis and developed by EA. With an early release this game is an open-ended-decision-making simulation game with having a game assistant. This game’s every single dialogue is in the manner of business talking.

How to play The Founder?

The Founder

the founder-New Game

Welcome Page.


Name Your Company Here.


What Are Your Services.


Select The Location.

Co Founder

Who Will Be Your Co-Founder.

Last Chance

Finalize Here.


Begin The Startup

You don’t need any guide or manual to learn how to achieve success in this game. If you want to achieve success start taking risk as you will in real life. There is already an AI available in the game that will guide you through whole game. These avatar are some colorful cone-shaped character that can be your co-founder, your employee or you competitor. But still we made a simple guidance for you here for a simple over view.

Company Name– Founder starts the game from one important thing in any startup, NAME. Every business needs a name a simple, catchy but attractive or creative.

Co-Founder– Every company need a co-founder who can guide the company and help you in dividing the stress and work load. He controls the employee and assists you in making difficult decision. Game has three co-founders with different specialties and they are Beth, Jeffery and Mark. They have marketing and productivity skills, design and engineering skills and No skills but have $10,000 cash from inheritance.

Location– A business needs a location with a suitable and perfect neighborhood. These locations need be selected carefully as every location is different with their own quality. The game offers you 3 different locations;

Boston- A perfect location for a research and information business with engineering skills.

New York- A location for advertisement/marketing tech with skills in design.

San Francisco- A hub of tech industries that provide you engineering and design skill benefit.

Choose anyone location that suits your startup purpose.

Service– If you are going to build a startup around hardware like gadget, tools, mobile then choose the hardware option but if are interested in information, marketing and designing then you should go with information option.

Virtually Real World

As you finish of from those steps you will be in your simulated office with your co-founder in it. Game assistant will guide you at start like in product launching, design making and many things. Every co-founder will assist you in different manner.

As you go into the market with your product and start earning bucks then the game will live you facing your virtual competitors. It will be like a mini game that will teach you to develop strategies in making you success. But only generating money is not the game. Tseng made this game so much accurate and comically amazing that some time it will disturb you.

Your business takes place in post-dot-com bubble of 2001 and then the survival starts. The game is about winning and losing and learning things from it. One minute of our real world is one month of the game.

Same as the real world as your company grows you will be able to make things just like big marketing fishes do. You can expand your services; you will unlock some new services like defense, bio tech, entertainment, finance or etc.

Are you still reading the topic here, go play the game and become an entrepreneur with this minimalistic game?

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