How to Make a Smart Conversation from Small Talk?

Conversation from Small Talk

So let’s imagine you are at a place where two or more people are present like wedding, reception, job interview any situation. So have you found something common in here? Think about this situation deeply, nothing yet? Ok all the situation has people gathered around at a place and trying to make a well smart conversation. But the big question here is that how are you going to do that. Let’s hear some tips from the experts here.

Don’t look for Answers

Yes, if you want to make conversation smart and long, don’t ask for direct answers. Ask them some loosen questions or open ended questions. You have to make them tell a story to you rather than single shot answer.

Never do this:

1. “How are you?”
2. “How was your day?”
3. “Where are you from?”
4. “What do you do?”
5. “What line of work are you in?”
6. “What’s your name?”
7. “How was your weekend?”
8. “What’s up?”
9. “Would you like some wine?”
10. “How long have you been living here?”

Start with these

• “What’s your story?”
• “What did you do today?”
• “What’s the strangest thing about where you grew up?”
• “What’s the most interesting thing that happened at work today?”
• “How’d you end up in your line of work?”
• “What does your name mean? What would you like it to mean?”
• “What was the best part of your weekend?”
• “What are you looking forward to this week?”
• “Who do you think is the luckiest person in this room?”
• “What does this house remind you of?”
• “If you could teleport by blinking your eyes, where would you go right now?”

Do not Clone

It is cloning that is the main reason behind every small talk. If you are in a conversation do not just repeat their answers in your reply, or don’t make some flat answers or just agree with whatever they say.

For example

Robin: Have you watched XYZ show yesterday?
Mike: Yes, I have. Or Nope.

See? It sounds a bit rude and bad to answer someone like in this way. They might think you are not interested in talking or in them whether you want a long conversation. So, instead of doing this, try this.

Robin: Have you watched XYZ show yesterday?
Mike: Yes, i loved that turning point, what do you think? OR No, I have not, so what was in it?

So here Mike replied to Robin and also pulled him back in conversation with a common topic they both are interested in.

Jump the expected Answers

So conversation is getting boring and boring what should I do?? No, I am doomed. Don’t panic you are not. What you need is to jump like frog from those expected answers. See learn from these people.

Instead of:

Ron: How was your flight?
Carlos: My flight was good!
Beverly: It’s hot today.
Gino: Yeah, it sure is hot.


Ron: How was your flight?
Carlos: I’d be more intrigued by an airline where your ticket price was based on your body weight and IQ.
Beverly: It’s hot today.
Gino: In this dimension, yes.

See that. Use your imagination, creativity and lead the conversation where you want to go. So, now because the conversation is in your area deal with proper confidence and yes with full pack of conversation running sentence.

These words are from:

Chris Colin, an author and journalist, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Wired and McSweeney’s Quarterly.
Rob Baedeker is a writer, performer and co-founder of the Kasper Hauser comedy group.

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