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4 Lies Keeping You from Being Successful

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There is only one person who is responsible for both your success and failure. That one person can push you toward success or pull you from it. He/ she lie to you to make feel failure and that person is YOU. You are the one who is behind all of these. All those lies, truth, imagination and strong mind, it all depends on you. You can make yourself climb Mount Everest or you can’t even go on stairs.

There 4 different lies that you keep telling yourself and block your way to success. These lies stop you from using your full abilities.

College Degree is everything for Success

If you are looking for a conventional 9-5 job then you really need degree. But you are an entrepreneur you don’t need degree to prove your worth. Degree is just some paper to you with random numbers on it. You are your own boss. So if you want to be an entrepreneur, built a bit empire of your own, you don’t need degree.

If you take example of Mark Zuckerberg, he was millionaire before he completed his graduation. The thing that makes you successful here is your idea, preparation, hard work, dedication etc. You don’t need degree, not even to educate yourself.

I don’t have Time

Now this is one of the biggest lies everyone tells himself. Whenever we didn’t get success, we make way to deal with that. And we say, “I didn’t have that much time.” Or “I don’t have time.” Think for a second. You are living on same earth that Einstein, Aaryabatta, Bill Gate used to live. They all had same 24 hours a day and 365 days in year as you do. Then what is stopping you. Is it really Time?

Answer is people are getting lazy. They want everything in their hand as they dream of it. But as someone said Real Dreams don’t let you sleep. Try to start with little effort. Make small progress and you will meet success soon.

Age is stopping me

Now this is another version of “I don’t have Time”. People think that age is the factor that stops you from making progress. Actually you are the only one who can stop yourself. If you have heard story of McDonald’s, it might change your view. Ray Croc was over 42 when he turned normal burger shop into a restaurant legend over the country. Richardson Ford was 45 when he got his major role in movies. So age is not a factor stopping you from getting successful.

Too Tough to Start

Nothing is too hard or tough that you give up on it. One needs to initiate if he/ she want to bring something new or do something new. Sometime thing can be tough but they are not impossible. If one has an initiative and passionate mind to achieve goal one can achieve it no matter how. It may take a lot of inspiration and courage to bring out your idea but if it is worthy give it a try. This is just state of your mind. It is one of those lies that you have to fight with your mental power.

It makes me feel sad for those people who are not achieving their goals because of these lies. No one ever wonder these 4 simple things become mountain for people that are actually just a stone. You can throw these lies away from your life very easily. So make yourself strong enough to fight them. Beat them with your hard work, dedication, mental stability and become example of success for others.

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