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5 Information/ Cyber Security Courses To Protech Your Data And Transaction

5 Information Security Courses That You Can Start Right Away

With a vast amount of information in transit in businesses, it is extremely vital that someone starts taking extreme care of personal and private information. Companies are spending millions of dollars to protect their trade secrets. It is often said that information security can be confusing to some people and thus, it is important for an information security specialist to understand 5 W’s of Info Sec: What, Why, Who, When, Where. In today’s world competitive advantage is dependent on superior access to information. We have curated a list of online courses to help understand online security and start protecting our digital lives along with some of the advanced in-depth courses which we as trained security experts can undergo.

1. Introduction To Cyber Security by Future Learn

This is an 8 week course which will cover the basics about the basic threat landscape, different types of authentication, various malwares in the computer world, cryptographic techniques and management of security risks. The best part is that the course can be taken by anyone who has an interest in improving the security of their digital information and of course, it’s free!


2. Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life by Future Learn

A short 3-week course by Newcastle University exploring about the basic concepts of cyber security, discussion of best practices of sharing data and online payments and with IOT at its peak, this course ventures into the risks and mitigations in our use of these smart devices. This course is relevant for someone who has a little background of cyber security.


3. Cyber Security 101 & Cyber Security 201 by LEAP

LEAP is one of those MOOC platforms which didn’t get as popular as its other counterparts like Coursera and Udemy, but it offers some of the most subtle yet informative courses like CS 101 and CS 201 if someone wishes to start his career in this field. While CS 101 talks about framework for improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber security and securing e-mails and use of IDS, CS 201 on other hand covers topics in-depth like Bluetooth Security, Media Sanitization, Secure DNS Deployment and Application Whitelisting. All the courses are certified by Lexcode Regulatory Compliance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


4. Cyberaces by SANS

An extensive learning program developed by the global leaders in the security field. This course develops the knowledge and skills needed to master the core concepts in cyber security. It covers the foundation areas of information security: Operating Systems, Networking & System Administration.


5. Mastering the fundamentals of Cyber Security by Coursera

Courera is a major MOOC pioneer and Cyber security is one of the highlights of it’s catalogue. This is a 4 pack course with discussions on Cyber Security and Mobility, Cybersecurity & IOT, Cybersecurity & X-factor and finally a Capstone project to check one’s knowledge. The only downside of this course is you’ll have to shell out some money to access test series and earn certifications.


Happy learning!

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