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5 Ways To Know About Yourself

About Yourself

There are so much hectic around ourselves, people are extremely busy in searching, solving, and creating problems. Most of the population in exactly has no interest in your problems at all but the most surprising things that came to know are somewhere from inside them, they are excited to know about how you stressed from all the problems in your life.

The worst thing which I felt about this world is half of the people around you always pretend that they are sad to know that you are suffering, but those are the people who backfoot firstly when you ask them to help you. The most important thing which I believe in -“No one is yours, the only one who actually supports you in any situation is you “.Because every other relation starts fading from time to time, no one is going to stay with you forever except you. Your parents, friends, family, love to whom we believe with all by heart are staying with you for a reason, I am not saying that for a selfish reason but they are staying with you or will stay with you is only for a specific reason after that you are the one who is going to face and suffer your problems alone. So why it’s not better to train ourselves to face this situation? It is always better to prepare and train before going to a war of anything?

As per our Vedic scriptures or manuscripts of great personalities, it is always good to know about yourself first before knowing about others. This means how can you give advice to someone if you didn’t know the answer to that question. For Example-Let we say you are the person whose body is unfit and having some health issues then how can you give some other person advice to do Yoga and fitness tips when you are not doing yoga itself. And the other person will not be going to listen to you. But when you are doing yoga and having a good body then it must be another person’s need to adhere to your advice.
The most important thing which I wanted to highlight here is that try to know yourself as first priority. When you pass this stage of your life after then everything seems to easy to achieve because in that situation you will know that what is better to do as per your capacity and strength. Here some ways I am mentioning to help you to know about you.

Self-Exploration:-This is the basic and most important phase to start to know about yourself. Self-exploration is a technique to find out what is valuable and correct to me by investigating within myself. This technique is helpful for not blindly believing all those rules which have set by society or our parents. This technique is most amazing to know about ourselves and it also helps us to think out of the box.

Meditation:-It is quite similar to the self-exploration technique but it focuses on calm and focused our brain at a single point instead of analyzing ourselves. This technique is helpful to sharp your brain and increase the attentiveness of it. Meditation is the most powerful yoga tool and has great results found in history.

Try to understand the other’s perspective:-This is the technique where you are not going to think about yourself or testing your strengths. This technique is focused on to increase the flexibility of your body, when you are trying to understand the other’s perspective than in reality you are testing you against the worst circumstance because it is not easy to understand the complexity of the second person’s brain.

Check your Strain Point:-This technique works better during your anger.when you are in confrontation with someone and trying to control your temper, Always try to check the peak point when you lost your control and got angry. It is good to increase the height at this peak point every next time when you were in confrontation.

Open-Mindedness:-It is necessary to accept the changes around you. It helps you to increase the adaptability of your brain and take decisions. Don’t bound yourself in a box of right or wrong. Try to analyze everything with neutral eyes. It will help you to make a better version of yourself.

So above are the basic rules that will help you a bit and after that, you will find the original self. No need to run away from your inner self, people, in general, are actually not interested to know about themselves. But that is a wrong practice if you really want to achieve good things in your life and try to make your life for a purpose then it is a must to make a perfect balance between your mind and soul.

These are the simple tips and tricks which are also helpful for you to find you who you truly are?

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