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A Kid Within You!

A Kid

Do you know what there is a kid within you? No no, I am not talking that you are pregnant. Then the question arises what’s the child within me? I am talking about that child which makes you laugh, which makes you enjoy every moment of your life.

Yes! That kid which allows you to play with children. That says you to make some nonsense with your family and friends. Laugh with others by fun making on others and to pretend as you are sad when the fun is done on yours. A kid that loves being with your family and start crying for being far from family. A child that is true to itself. He likes to watch cartoons and likes to dream big. That always have some curiosity for new things. People having a kid within them which never tells them you are old and can’t do anything.  A child in you always tries to keep you functioning always. That makes you laugh when a thing of your interests happen and can make others happy by it’s pretty smile. A child who loves to travel a lot but again waits for return to home again.

That child in you never fears doing anything which makes you to dare for doing something differently. And never think “what people will say?” That insists it’s parents to complete their wishes but a kid in a mature person pushes that person to do hard efforts to complete his dreams. Have you seen a baby child when starts walking it walks 2 steps then fall; again gets up walk and fall but never stops walking due to fear of falling. You should keep alive that kid in you who stands up after every defeat because she knows that a glorious success is awaiting for her. Here he or she doesn’t matter it is for everyone. Keep a child alive in you that makes other’s happy. Who cares for its dreams and always try to learn new things. Who always has some hopes of doing something great. Do you have it? Then a kid in you is alive.

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