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A Smile that Makes you Happy😊

A Smile

A smile is a word that brings a smile on your face. Smile is the feeling of freshness, feeling of happiness as well as enlightenment.

All those things you like doing make you smile. Remember the old memories that make you smile. Listening to peaceful music can make you smile. Living with the beauty of nature can make you smile. A little baby and it’s smiling face can make you smile. Sometimes eating snacks having smiling faces can also bring a smile on your face. Really smile is a very much peaceful emotion. If you are feeling stressed, just give a smile and see yourself in a mirror maybe it looks like foolish movement but that will really help you to lose your tension at least for some time. Smile for yourself.

A single smile can do anything. It spreads positivity in the environment surrounding yourself. When you smile whole world smiles. Smile is contagious. So smile to make others happy.

Smile in an interview shows your confidence, a smile when you wish someone spreads happiness, a smile in a photo makes it more beautiful, a smile of your grandparents let them look younger than they are! Very small things that make you smile do it…

The science behind a smile is When our brains feel happy, endorphins are produced and neuronal signals are transmitted to your facial muscles to trigger a smile. … When our smiling muscles contract, they fire a signal back to the brain, stimulating our reward system, and further increasing our level of happy hormones, or endorphins. These endorphins are the hormones that serve as natural pain relievers and act as the body’s own opiates.

Smiling is a great emotion. Which elevates your mood and makes the sense of well being. Smile is beneficial to your health also. It reduces anxiety, helpful in maintaining blood pressure and heart rate.

There are 5 types of smile

  1. Duchenne smile: True smile of happiness with narrow and eyes that leaves wrinkles.
  2. Fake smile: Usually smile for a camera that lacks eye movements.
  3. Uncomfortable smile: Smile designed to cover up the true feeling of discomfort.
  4. Seductive smile: A slight smile with direct eye contact but a slow glance away used when people try to be seductive.
  5. Sarcastic smile: A crooked smile showing conflicting emotions of amusement and dislike.

A Buddhist author Thich Nhat Hanh said “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

*Always keep a smile it will keep you smiling😊


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