About Us

If You Want to Bring the Change in Your World, First You Should Become That Change.
MoonDela is a magazine that is made to cover the people around the world shining bright like moon by doing their work, whether small or big, just like Dela. We believe every story need to be told at least once. So we started some untold stories of entrepreneurs, pioneer and success story big or small does not matter.

Many entrepreneur are doing there work silently but everybody needs a little appreciation and knowledge. So our team decided to bring all those change maker in the light of the world and let other people know that these innovative people were present here all the time among them and see no one noticed them.

Through this site many entrepreneur will get highlighted, they will become someones hero and we will be happy to be part of that smile on their face. Encouragement will be brought into other entrepreneurs and will inspire them to bring changes that world want to see but is afraid to do.

MoonDela is a platform provider for the people who are looking for sponsors for their brand with an active network of entrepreneur and business.