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Actions of Manager that Make Good Employees Quit

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Sometime a company sees its some of good employees start leaving the workplace. Sometimes the reason is work pressure, salary or other satisfaction from job. But not every time your employee have faults. There are many cases where manager’s action makes good employees put their thing into box. A Manager has a habit of blaming other for their failure in making profit graph look good.

Some employees can tolerate this and some don’t. Those employees tends to leave the manager and only solution to that is quitting the job. These things can be avoided easily with so much less effort. All it will take is some extra efforts from the management side. But let’s first point out those things that need to be taken care of.

Manager Makes Them Do Overwork:

Overwork from the manager side is one of those reasons that force employees quit their jobs. This overwork feels like a punishment to these employees. They feels like the repay for their greater performance. It also reduce their productivity. This counterproductive will also make their graph look bad. A research have shown that is you increase the work period of 50 hours to 55 hours the productivity will get decrease. If you are willing to increase time, give them something worthy in return.

Recognition of Work:

When one get pat on the back for their work, it is like achievement to them. Everyone deserve this once in a while to keep them motivated. Motivation helps with increased productivity. Manager need to communicate with the others, understand them, make them feel happy. Some take this as Raise in payment or some take it as public recognition. But if you ignore their work and don’t do anything about it, their reduced motivation will affect work. Manager should know what makes their employees feel good.

Don’t Care About Employees:

Companies should make sure that their managers know how to be professional while being human. Manager need to learn to care about their employees. Usually they are only concern about the product they are getting. But as a human point of view, working for 8+ hour is difficult with no involvement from the management side. They need to celebrate little success and care in difficulty of their employees.

Commitments with No Honor:

Trust and Honor among the employees is the thing that make relation strong. If a manager is making promise to employees and withstanding with it, it proves you trust worthy. But when you disrespect your commitment your dishonor yourself. You lose your respect and trust among people. Because if you can’t honor your commitments why would other do.

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