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Alphabet’s Google Made Quiz to Detect Scam Emails

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Scam Emails

As internet is growing and its power is increasing day by day people are realizing how they can misuse to benefit themselves. One way to do that is Phishing. It is been on the internet for a very long time. Many people are not aware of this and some think that they will never fall for a scam then you are wrong here. There is many tricks those will make you fall in a scam and it will stole your details through a simple male.

In a way to avoid these scams Alphabet’s subsidiary Jigsaw and Google have made a quiz. This quiz will help you in identifying scam mails. The authorities are making this effort to help normal people to find out which mail can hurt their personal details. This quiz contain total of 8 questions, it doesn’t matter that you pass or not.

Alphabet’s Google Made Quiz to Detect Scam Emails

How to Complete Test?

At starting you will be asked to make a fake name and then email address. After that it will create the close to real scenario and will ask you for if it is a phishing attempt of not. No matter if you give a right or wrong answer the test will explain the reason for the correct answer.

This test is to teach you all the tricks and all the ways some can trick you into phishing. You can’t always rely on the software or smart system to protect you from spam and phishing content. Make sure you remember all the points of the test and keep your data safe from the fraud.

Jigsaw and Google:

Jigsaw is an experimental incubator project within Google that’s aimed at tackling broad geopolitical problems in the tech space, often through relatively simple microsites and software projects. In the past, the group has produced troll-detecting software, an open-sourced tool to help media organizations provide journalists with VPNs, and AI tools that filter out abusive language.

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