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Ariana Grande New Album Tracklist Songs: Download MP3, MP4, Watch Online Video

Ariana Grande,

On 22 Jan, Ariana dropped a surprise with the complete tracklist of next album on her IG account and Story. This track list having a total of 12 songs with unfamiliar names like “Bloodline”, “NASA” and “Fake Smile”.

But one track particularly caught our attention, as it was interestingly called, “break up with your girlfriend, I am bored.” Oh, Ariana, that might even be catchier than stating “Thank U, Next.” Understandably, everybody freaked.

Ariana Grande Reveals New Album Tracklist: MP3, MP4

“Ariana really has a tune called” breakup with your girlfriend, I’m bored” coming out SKSMSKSKS,” one fan tweeted, right capturing our thoughts right now. Of course, people started reading between the lines as another wrote, “Split with your girlfriend I’m tired is all about Enormous Sean and Jhene you cannot tell me any different.” But actually, everyone was only excited about that AG5 will be on our own Spotify playlists very quickly! The pop star teased that she will release her fifth record in Feb. 2019, as she tweeted on Jan. 21, “two records in six months. That’s deep. Love u. talk soon.”

And it seems that Ari gave us a sneak peek at the cover art since the tracklist appeared to be about the back of a physical CD slip. Acknowledging the display’s black color, ” she wrote, “I know I said the cover artwork was dark (and it still is) but that I had two variations made…. A pink version and a dim variation. One for physical one for electronic. Electronic is pink. Physical is darker. You will see what I mean, however… Just thought I’d tell you, technically there is two.” Along with the surprises keep coming.

According to Ariana, we could also pre-order her brand new album this Friday, Jan. 25! The pop star dropped her new tracklist only four days after releasing the movie for”7 Rings,” another viral feeling.

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