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Artificial Intelligence

The 21st century doesn’t need an introduction to machine intelligence, people around us are already aware of the term that what is Artificial Intelligence by seeing or hearing about robots, already talking to their smartphone with google assistants, and so on. But as it is considered as a technical term so it is important to describe well, that it will be understood by all the people whether they are technical or non-technical.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a part of the Computer Science & Technology field, whose aim is to give machines stimulation like Humans. The basic meaning is to give machines intelligence the same as we humans have.

Artificial Intelligence is the rapidly emerging technology of the world and in the coming years, it will lead the world towards more automation and digitalization. The term artificial intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy’ in 1956 during a conference held to discuss machines can also think like a human. Although this technology has a very long evolving procedure with the start of the 21st century, it achieved very rapid and extensive growth in the global market.

How AI is Affecting Us?

The gadgets around us like personal assistants such as Google Siri, Alexa, etc., the thumb scanner in your office to maintain the attendance records, the recommendation of movies, series from Netflix and youtube are only simple examples to find out how these intelligent systems which are actually common in our daily lives affecting us.

AI becomes a part of our lives and by degrees, it will somewhere transforming our lives towards a new world where AI would have the capacity to affect us in a societal and economic way. Most of the industries are moving towards a direction to make them AI-based industry but for those who are not moving yet, AI has the capacity to force them to develop themselves as AI-based industry also. Intelligent machines can perform complex tasks in an easy manner, fast and better than humans, but it doesn’t mean that they are going to displace human jobs. According to research, it is predicted that AI will create more jobs than it will displace. The gadgets around us are not taking away our jobs but they are actually facilitating us to perform those tasks better.

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