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Avengers End Game Event India: AR Rehman’s Indian Version of Avenger Anthem

Avengers End Game Event India

Indian audiences’ reaction to Avengers: Infinity War served as an additional inspiration for the Marvel filmmakers on its highly-awaited follow-up, Avengers: Endgame, Joe Russo — one half of the directing duo, the Russo brothers — told members of the press at an event in Mumbai on Monday.

Avengers End Game Event India

“There was a recording of Indian audience watching the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and the cheer when Thor lands in Wakanda… The cheers sounded like (coming from) a football stadium. We used to listen to that recording whenever we would get tired (working) on ‘…Endgame’ because it took us a very long time and it was a difficult movie to finish,” said Joe, one half of the Russo brothers.

And you know, we make these films — my brother and I — because we come from a large Italian family. Our family growing up was about sharing stories and entertaining each other and engaging each other emotionally. And so, by extension, now we try to do this with the world when we make these Marvel films. And if there are fans out there that react the way that Indian fans do, then we’re going to be there and we’re going to make India the first stop on the press tour.”

No, not really. I mean this is, you know, this is its own narrative and who knows if the Marvel universe is going to move forward in a linear fashion. I mean, it’s a — I’m telling these stories and I think audiences will see when we’re done, it was a complete story.”

As for deconstruction, Russo noted that they have done it right from their first Marvel project, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which “went in a completely different direction from his first movie”.

And we deconstructed the Avengers in [Captain America:] Civil War by tearing them apart,” he said. “And we deconstructed the whole universe by killing half of it in Infinity War. So I think that our disposition lined up with a journey that was happening at the time. And we’re able to take our thematics that are important to us and infuse them in four movies, that’s also part of the journey.”

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