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AYURVEDA-An Authentic way to Cure and Heal


India is always a land of great saints and vaidya’s who apply the traditional methods to cure all the diseases and wounds. All types of treatment were available to them and they naturally cure diseases that were serious and their treatment was not initially possible.
There are numerous methods that are available at present time to cure diseases, such as Homeopathy, Allopathy but the most powerful and effective way to cure old and complex diseases is the Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the most ancient way of treatment which takes some time to heal the patients but yet the most effective and natural way. Ayurveda is the vast field of medicine and herbs which has the property to cure all diseases varies from internal as well as external.

The Ayurveda has all goodness of natural herbs and plants which has medicinal properties and help to maintain the full balance of your body. The working method of Ayurveda is like this -If you have a headache problem then you have to collect only two simple ingredients from your kitchen, first one is Nutmeg(jayful) and raw cow milk, just mix nutmeg powder with raw milk and apply to your forehead, the mix will absorb all the excessive heat from your head and cool it down to your normal body temperature, the result will fabulous and it will remove your headache in just quick time.

Ayurveda has the ability to cure and heal wounds but for its effectiveness, you have to follow some strict rules and norms set by Ayurvedic Book. Its biggest advantage is that there is no any kind of side effects of Ayurvedic medicines and remedies. Some of its treatment is easily available nearby but for some of the complex diseases, the treatment process is lengthy and not easily available.

Below is the list of some basic ayurvedic home remedies which you can try at your home:

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