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Business Ideas for Entrepreneur in 2017

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Now days whenever you go to an entrepreneurship event or any business presentation you will see young faces and every year the number of these young faces are increasing. These convention are always attracting new and young entrepreneurs on telling them where how and when you should invest. These helps in bringing up new ideas from their mind.

Now let’s talk about what are the fields where you can actually invest your time and money so you will have a great result from your work. These field of investment keep changing every year because every day is not your and also depends on the technologies in trend, market strength, what is going up and who goes down, what is coming and who days are at the end. So ideas you are working on might get changed in few years. These ideas are like variable depending on many different entity of business.

So here are some splashing trends in 2017:

1 Customer Engagement:

Making contact or getting personalized with your customer is always a better choice to make your business grow. Many business are getting engage with their customer in many ways like by offering them personal session, online advises and contacting them via customer care desk. Every customer want themselves to be treated in the perfect manner by their brands who are actually treating them well. These kind of personalization session with your customer you will be able to build trust, bring improved products to your customer and valuable time that you give to them makes them feel that they are in safe hands.

2 Customer Data Collection:

Do you know how important it is to make your people more productive? It is done by serving them with perfection and greater quality. And how are you going to satisfy them with your service? Simple, all you have to do is study your customer. Like what kind of product they are using and how they are using them. After that analyze the data you got and serve them what they are expecting from you. Sounds simple but not everyone can do that. This helps you in making decision that require large customer data. IoT (Internet of Things) is the best way to collect this data from your customer.

3 Automation:

We are in the world that is running with or can say on technology. Every one want that their work is done by someone else. Want everything in hand but without wasting more of their energy. Now large fished of markets like Microsoft, Bank of America are showing interest in “Chatbots”. But in previous year they have seen its limitation and advantages. Now in 2017 they are planning to integrate human with a Chatbot so that it can help them improve customer interaction. And same apply for social media, companies are moving from social media campaign to social messaging campaign.

4 Crowd Funding:

Crowd funding is not always seen as a good thing in the market But crowd funding is still used by many companies to validate their product. Crowd funding helps ones company to engage with their small users and make larger data on basis of their review. This small but vocal community of customers are best source for you to collect data of your products from them. GE Appliances are making good results from this strategy by introducing FirstBuid, that help them look at the insight of the product creation, designing and manufactured.

5 Specialization:

Back in days companies were used to hire a person with specialization many fields. But now no one need that person because it reduces the work power and productivity. Now we used to focus on that one person who is specialist of his own field. That was used to call “One Size Fits All”, don’t think that your market is small so you can ignore a little amount of your customer. Every single customer is same as other, never ignore them. Every one of your customer should feel like they really do matters to you and your company. It will return you with greater good from customer.

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