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CBSE’s Adopt 30:30:40 formula for Class 12 board exam marks, to declare result by July 31


ICSE, to calculate the performance of the CBSE student’s scores for the past six years
New Delhi, June 17

The grades in the grade X, XI, and XII will be considered to be in the 30:30:40 ratio, and to prepare for the final results of the students in Grade XII of CBSE, because the Supreme Court on Thursday accepted” in principle, the assessment criteria for this.

How to introduce a set of ‘objective’ criteria for a Class XII student, Attorney General K. K., Instagram, told a panel led by a Judge, AM Hanvilkar this is the best of the three items that will be processed for the evaluation of Class X, XI, and XII students.

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At the time, up to 30% of the weight to be given to all the classes X and XI, Class XII, for the weight of 40 percent, ” he said, adding that in the case of class XII. The ranks secured by the pupils in the district, semester practical examinations will be taken into account.
CBSE has been provided to announce the results by July 31.

However, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) has been proposed to calculate the figures based on the students ‘ results over the past five or six years.

Students who are dissatisfied with the classes and grades awarded to them because of this mechanism can help you improve your grades and comments to appear in the physical tests as soon as the Covid situation has been brought under control.

The Indian Secondary Certificate has been proposed as a scheme for calculating the figures based on student achievement over the past five or six years.

“We have agreed with the comments made in the field of the 10th-grade class project, and hands-on work, and the results of a school exam in the best marks. We then took the mean value for the last six years, and not for another three years, as a researcher, ” he said to the ICSE lawyer, adding that the results will be published no later than July 30.

The Supreme Court is, in principle, agreed to the scheme proposed by both the CBSE and the ICSE, that is, students who wish to appear for the exam, it will not cause any damage.

On June 1, the City will be canceled and the 12th stage of the exams due to the Covid pandemic.

While listening to the birth control PILL, if the Court of appeal, and on June 3, furthermore directed the Central Board regarding Secondary Education (CBSE) and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) is blocked “has clearly defined and objective criteria for the evaluation of the students for two weeks.

The meaning of the evaluation system of the researcher are included in the?, Instagram is stated that a Committee decree is set up in individual school to excrete the student, the benefits are in schools that are traditional to give to their students to high levels.

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According to him, a committee will be set up to study the school’s differences in the labeling mechanism.

Schools are required to have a special sign for assessing a student’s evaluation of the three tests, and the CBSE Presentation will make an assessment to the board of directors, he said.

The Supreme court stated it would count a vote on a motion to abolish the state examinations in Grade XII, Punjab, Assam, Tripura, and Andhra Pradesh, India, on June 21, with the next hearing date.

Eighteen states have canceled the Class XII Board examinations, and for the first six of which are already being held in the exams.

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