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Change Is The Truth Of The Universe

Universal truth

Change is the universal truth. Everything is changing. A change can be small or it can be big. And some changes are continuable but some are sudden. This second is also a change.

You born that is the change for your parents as well as your other relatives. And that is a big change for you also! Then slowly you grow with age. Your growth is that change. Just take out two photographs of your childhood and your recent photo with the same surrounding you will notice that change. This shows that Our surrounding changes. When you have changed your school. You must felt for some days very much lonely. All that was new for you. Your friends are new. Then it was not that easy to trust new friends. But after a few days, let’s say a year,  you have known to that school and all people in it. That you can guide a new person came there. You had many friends. And you had got one with that environment. There may be some exceptions.

When a change is slow and continuous then you get naturally adapt to it! But in case of a sudden change then we refuse to accept it at the same moment. It seems too hard for us.

Tips to adopt A Change:

1. Accept the fact that change is a way of life.

2. Keep reading the vital signs to be able to anticipate the change well in time.

3. Let go of the old and adapt to change quickly.

4. Enjoy the change but don’t get too attached to it.

5. Be ready to change again and enjoy the new change yet again.

Always keep in mind Change is the reality of the world and Nobody can change it. 

Many of us glad to say  “There is a garbage problem in my society, the municipality should look into it.” But they don’t even think that some garbage is also mine and if not but this area is yours. Then do something to change that condition other than blaming others. Mahatma Gandhi the great freedom fighter of India said that

” Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If these are the days you are in a bad situation then don’t worry it will change. But you have to do something about it. You have the power to change. Changes in your life are mostly dependent upon your present actions.  Let’s change it ant and make it better. The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. The great scientist Albert Einstein said that,

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change



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