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CRITICISM-An Positive Aspect Cum Opportunity


I am sure that many of us already been aware of the word and its meaning. They would have been must be either being criticized by other people or they have criticized the other people in their life span. Everything that we are doing, we have done, and thinking about to do is fully depends on the status of other people in the environment.

As we are living in a society so we cannot think directly only for our individual benefits and everything that we are doing generally reference with the others in society. But my question here is that why we let the intrusion of others in our life? This is our life and how we live is mostly depends on us and it will only affect me in the sake of good things or bad things, but instead of this kind of independence we only make our decisions in the reference to the second one in our life, we usually think that if I’ll pursuing this degree and I’ll not get a job after this then what the neighbors, my friends, my relatives will say. why are we always afraid of failure or criticism?

So the question here is that What is Criticism?
Criticism is something that usually demoralized people and points out their bad things over the subject. The criticism is a big term and it affects almost every personality of individuals and it’s a bad thing and people generally try to avoid this thing. But if we take it in a positive direction then there is nothing to be bad about criticism. If we criticize anybody in a positive way then this will actually be going to benefit him/her.
If somebody is criticizing you don’t take this in a negative way instead of being depressed by their wordings you have to take it as an opportunity which actually corrects you where you were wrong. If someone says bad about you and points out your mistakes then you have to start analyzing yourself. The criticizer may be your friend, your teacher, your parents, etc. All those didn’t criticize you only to hurt you but they have good intentions behind the criticism.

If your parents are angry with you that you’ve made a mistake don’t let your anger falls on their front but you can take your suggestions to build yourself for a better tomorrow. There is a difference between criticism and advice, so always open your mind to understand the difference, the critical part is generally harsh and rough in nature. If you criticized by others then don’t be sad but feel yourself more special because you have something different from other people that’s why you’ve criticized and with this, you can feel that you are unique and different from the crowd.

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