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CSS Corp Appointed Sunil Mittal as its Chief Executive Officer

Sunil Mittal

Bangalore, India, and Singapore – Business Wire India

Today, CSS Corp, an international customer experience and consulting services provider announced that its board had unanimously elected Sunil Mittal as its next Chief Executive Officer.

Sunil Mittal, currently the Chief Operating Officer at CSS Corp, will take up a new role on July 1 following the resignation of Manish Tandon after a successful engineer transformed and created a large number of investors. In addition, Sunil will also join the company’s Board of Directors when he takes on his new role.

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“After a well-thought-out and well-thought-out process, we are delighted to have the best person to lead this world-class technology and customer service organization,” said Sanjay Chakrabarty, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSS Corp and Managing Partner at Capital Square Partners, private and private fund manager of the company.

We hope she will build on this foundation and take the organization to the next level. Sunil’s business acumen CSS Corp and its operations, and his leadership qualities make him better qualified to lead CSS Corp successfully in the future. “

“Many due to Manish Tandon, CEO of his contributions to CSS Corp. Under his strong leadership, CSS Corp successfully transitioned four and a half years ago and grew by 25% in the financial year ending 31-Mar -2021. Manish has used technology and technology as the basis for a turnaround strategy and created CSS Labs that are recognized as the founder in this space. He also formed a world-class management team and established robust data systems leading to a lucrative industry and business growth.

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“I am honored and grateful that the board has had the opportunity to lead this unique organization of hard workers, clients, and talented people,” said Sunil Mittal. We look forward to continuing our growth momentum with our value propositions. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working closely with our customers and employees.”

Mittal has had an outstanding career for more than 22 years in the technology services industry. He spent 18 years at Infosys across various geographies, managing large client accounts, developing new business skills, and building C-level relationships. He joined CSS Corp quite four and a half years back and managed global sales, marketing, presales, and account management.

More recently, he has taken over as Chief Operating Officer, where he is responsible for international customer service and IT, in addition to his existing portfolio. He serves on several corporate boards, including the Partner planning board of the Technology Services Industry Association and maybe a member of the Forbes Business Council. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

“Sunil is an excellent leader who has been one of the rejecting artists of our success over the years at CSS Corp. I am thrilled with how the organization has evolved and is well placed to grow under his leadership. I am with you, the kindness and best wishes of almost 9,000, very much to all the CSS Corp stakeholders and me for the past five years, and I wish Sunil well. “

Capital Square Partners (“CSP”) could also be a personal fund manager based in Singapore and controlled by the Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS). CSP advises investments in growth funds and procurement that support effective management teams to build the best digital businesses. With deep industry expertise across all technologies, media and telecommunications, business services, healthcare, and consumer sectors, CSP has supported business rating teams across a wide range of geographies and built value change.

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp may be a global customer service provider and technical services provider, disrupting the industry with a particular intersection of leading business solutions, robust operations, and new business engagement models. The company is a digital transformation partner of choice for its clients, including the world’s leading innovators in all industries, from mid-market players to large businesses.

Its diverse team of more than nine hundred (9,000) thinkers working with clients, participants, and facilitators in 18 locations worldwide are interested in helping clients succeed with automated-led results. The company has overcome major macroeconomic issues to become the fastest-growing company and is highly regarded in its revenue sector.

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