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DIWALI-A Beautiful Festival of Lights


Who doesn’t love beautiful colors and lights, well that is the beauty of Indian festivals. Just as the season changes every year same as festivals also change according to their climatic as well as religious faiths. There are a number of festivals in India with their own uniqueness and variety but Diwali holds a special place in the Indian Hearts. Everything about this festival is so special whether its beauty, its divine, and its adorability.

Diwali is a festival based on diyas and lights which usually comes in between month of October and November. It is not a single day festival but a combination of 5 day festivities including Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali, Goverdhan Pooja and Bhai Dooj. The purity and divinity of Diwali is full of new hopes,blessings and happiness. The excitement and enthusiasm of people at its greatest level,people go markets and buy new clothes, utensils, and decorative materials.

There is a religious tale behind celebrating the Festival of Diyas,’Diwali’.According to Indian mythology,this day the king of Ayodhya Sri Ram came home along with his wife ‘Sita’ and younger brother ‘Laxman’ after killing the Demon King ‘Ravana’.On their coming the people of Ayodhya welcomed their king by lightening millions of Diyas and making flower Rangolis. After this,the festival of Diyas has been starting to celebrate every year. During the festive week,usually people clean their homes before the start of festival then celebration begins with Dhanteras by buying gold and silver coins and jwellery piece according to their believes and then in choti diwali most of the homes and alleys gets decorated with flowers,colorful lights and door and wall hangings. In the day of main festival,people cooks variety of delicious Foods and Sweets and give gifts and sweets to their relatives,friends and neighbours. Females make colorful rangolis and decorate their homes with diyas during evening. Then they pray in front of God and distribute Prasad in neighbours home. Children burns firecrackers and sparking sticks.

The day after Diwali night,Goverdhan Pooja are celebrated. After the Goverdhan Pooja celebration, on the next morning girls celebrate the festival of their bonding with their brothers. They celebrate the bonding and love with their brothers by giving dried coconut and sweets. In the back brothers give gifts and money to their sisters.
In this way the beautiful and auspicious festival ends and in return it gives us new opportunities,lots of memories and excitement to celebrate this festival with more enthusiasm in next year. Diwali is the greatest and most favorite festival of mine with so much purity and diviness in it.

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