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Early Morning Routine – A Trick To Stay Energetic All Day

Early Morning Routine

Time isn’t the main thing, an early morning routine is. This phrase was wisely coined by Miles Davis, quite a few time ago. This phrase can be considered as one of the most relatable quotes, especially in this modern era. Owing to such phrases, now people value time, sometimes, even more than other resources!

With our day-to-day life increasingly becoming fast-paced, trying to squeeze out some time for one’s personal work is something everyone’s trying. Anyone, if at all someone, who can suggest a way to be more efficient with time, will be richer than a person who possesses a diamond! 😉

While trying to squeeze time from various activities, for some extra activity, the one aspect of life which is highly affected because of this is – sleeping routine. For many, sleeping late at night is the easiest way to squeeze out more time, even though this practice only makes us feel that we have extra time with us. If one were to analyze this with an unbiased perspective then one could easily understand that late routine gives me more time – this thinking is a complete myth!

When things are not going our way we start to feel tired, drained out, and frustrated. Sometimes we are so much stressed out that we do not understand what should be done. The other day, I found myself in an exactly similar situation. That’s the time that I felt like this is the end of the world!

With not knowing what should be done, I turned to Google and, then I started to find out what is the common denominator to success. Like how successful people have handled failures? For this, what could be better than the daily routine of successful people? While going through the daily routine of successful people there was one thing in common – Early morning routine.

On one website, I found out the daily routine of none other than WARREN BUFFET. It states that he starts his routine very early in the morning. When gone through the daily routine of a few more successful people, the early morning routine stands out in each person’s life.

Now, you might think how early morning routine could solve my problems? The answer lies ahead.

Advantages of Early Morning Routine:

While many of you might be aware of the importance of adequate sleep. But the fact is the time of the day in which you sleep also plays a very crucial role. If we keep a laid-back routine then we end up sleeping late which results in us getting up late in the morning.

Now, you may say that if stay up late at night then I get more time for completing my personal work. Fair enough! But it will lead to either less sleep or you wake up after half a day has passed. While less sleep will affect you in the long run, getting up late leaves you miles behind the world!

Until the time you get up, half the world already would have started with their work. There would be people who would have traveled across the world just so that they can start with their work. And here you will be still brushing your teeth!

Early Morning routine: get up early in the morning maybe around four or five, workout-do any form of exercise that you like, have breakfast, and then get on with your responsibilities. This early morning workout is to ensure that you stay energetic throughout the day. That you have that fighting spirit inside you till the very end of the day. Tougher situations cannot diminish your spirit and you will solve the difficulties with full integrity.

Following an early morning routine will ensure that by the time you would have started on with your daily work, half of the world would still be asleep. Exactly the opposite when compared with a late morning routine, right?

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