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Epic Games Asks Court to Dismiss Suit Over Allegedly Stolen Fortnite Dance

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Epic Games

The v7.40 update, which went live in Fortnite on February 14 after some flaws, was supposed to handle a dreadful ADS bug that console gamers had been experiencing. Many members of this game’s internet community have complained about the ‘snap-to’ fix, submitting into the Fortnite BR subreddit about how guns no longer felt the same.

Epic Games is the business behind the common battle royale sport Fortnite. Epic Games was facing a series of lawsuits claiming that the dancing moves characters from the game perform are copies.

1 such lawsuit and the first to go to court is by a rapper called. The rapper sued Epic Games claiming the Fortnite dance known as “Swipe It” relies on the dance he invented called “Milly Rock” and has been used in the match without his consent.

Epic claims in the suit that the possession that Ferguson is trying to argue his dance over does not exist under current law. Epic said which no one can have a dance step. Specifically, Epic notes that copyright law is apparent that human dance steps and simple dance routines are not protected by copyright.

Ferguson’s attorney has said that the rapper was not seeking copyright registration for a dancing “move,” instead he was seeking copyright onto a choreographic work. Epic goes into detail. There is no word from the courtroom on when the case will be dropped. Because it will have an influence on the cases pending plaintiffs in the other suits against Epic for dancing moves are watching this case.

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