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Exercise Myths that Most of Us Don’t Know


Being a gym freak or an exercise freak might look cool to many people. Although exercising is considered good for health, some people have some misconceptions in their mind which cause more damage than benefits. Stretching to prevent injuries is more or less likely to cause more injuries.

Read through the article to know more about the various myths and misconceptions that people have regarding exercising and gyming.

  • The more the cardio, the more you lose weight: Studies show that you need to burn 3800 calories to burn one pound of fat. This implies that to burn one pound of fat you need to run a staggering figure of 35 miles!
  • Stretching prevents injuries: People often do stretching thinking that it might loosen up their muscles and prevent any possible injuries. Researchers debunked this claim and instead have said that a normal warm-up is more beneficial as it increases the blood flow to your muscles and reduces the chances of any injuries.
  • Longer the workouts, the better the results: Many people have the notion that the longer you work out, the better are the results. The reality is that even if you workout for a short time, it can be more effective than the longer workouts. The quality of the efforts that you put into your workouts is what produces the results. Even if you workout for a longer time without focus, dedication, and a proper plan, you are unlikely to see any difference in yourself.
  • If you sweat more, you are burning more fat: When you sweat, you lose more water, than fat. Sweating is a method through which the body can cool down after a strenuous exercise. This means that you have to rehydrate yourself and not presume a lost a lot of fat.
  • Bigger the muscles, the greater the strength: People have thought that the more muscular a person is, the stronger he is. This is not always true. Scientists have shown that sprinters and weightlifters have stronger muscle fibers than bodybuilders.

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