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FAILURE-An Opportunity


Failure whenever we heard this word, our mind automatically generates a signal which is of negative aura. This word generates a number of emotions at the same time as frustration, fear, lack of confidence, bad memories, and so on. So failure always affects us in a negative way.
Failure is the term and it comes in reality when we try to do some task whether it is an exam of something, some experiment, some task but unable to get success on it. When we try to do anything and it will not give us the expected result so we stay in the position of disappointment. But why we don’t want to change the perspective for a while why we afraid of failing? Why we can not take it in a positive way instead of taking it in the wrong direction and then suffer from its consequences? Why we let the failure dominate on ourselves?

According to a survey, the main reason for committing suicide of the youth is Failure. Because today’s generation is not able to handle the ups and downs of life, they can not bear the pain of failing. So they commit suicide to get rid of the tag of ‘failure’ but here I want to clear a point that our biggest failure is that moment when we commit suicide. Those are committing suicides they are the biggest coward people in the world and failure one too.

In this article, I will try to change the mindset of the readers to change their perspective about everything especially the negative ones. If you will fail or have been failing in doing something, don’t let ur energy get waste to think about its consequences instead of being sad why don’t you try to fight with your brain to learn something from this failure and set a definite and bright come back next time. I know all these things are not going to well at only one try but definitely, they will show the results after some tries.
Here some of the points that you should have to remember when you are facing the hard times of your life. These points are-
Make a special corner in your brain to fill with positivity only that will help you to stay optimistic in tough times.
Don’t let anyone dominate their negativity on you and try to learn how to analyze the situation and thoughts through self-exploration (A technique to understand yourself)
Always take every setback as an opportunity and learn every time from it.
Remember failure is just another chance to get better out of yourself.

Failure is not something that you need to be afraid of but that is the meter that shows that at least you are trying or moving forward. Every first thing is failed at its first attempt before leading the market as a brand. Every single scientist failed at their attempts and then they discovered the world to this much extent.No one is going to climb the Everest at his/her first attempt without sliding down. So take your morale high and keep trying because it is especially of the nature that when you are going towards the sky gravitational force automatically tries to pull you down.
A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new“-Albert Einstein.
So take everything is as an opportunity for yourself and remember failures will help you only when you try to learn from them and attempt your best for next time.

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