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Faraday Future FF91: New Enemy of Tesla is at CES 2017

Faraday Future FF91

By making a surprising appearance in CES 2017 out of nowhere, Faraday Future proved itself a deadly ninja outnumbering every supercar or hybrid car till right now. Faraday Future is going to be the most advanced Electric Vehicle, if it make to its production. A 1050 horsepower car that is fully electrical and autonomous (a self-driving car) is going to set new milestone in future of automobile industry. Faraday last year announced FFZero-1, sport-car fantasy in CES 2016.

This mass market electric vehicle Faraday planning to build have to face a next test on its way to future that will it take place in people eye? Because this car going to debut its first track performance in International Hill Climb, a 101 year old competition where driver have to finish 12.42 miles track with 156 turns in fastest time possible. For Faraday FF91 Robin Shute, a British GT Championship driver, is going to drive it all the way to the top.

As Tesla is going with touchscreen in its future car, Faraday took it a step further. Faraday have banished all physical button interaction completely, even power window and seat control are touch sensitive TFT screen. Now if we talk about rear view mirror so they have replaced it with a screen that has a feed of camera mounted on back but to avoid blind spot in that they have integrated them with camera that is replacing the side mirror. But what if Cops don’t like it, or if it’s outing the law? Don’t worry they have made them removable so if you or the feds are not getting comfortable with them you can actually replace them with the traditional mirrors.

Machine: Faraday Future FF91 have glance of Ford Expedition, when you sit on its seven inches long wheelbase. As said before it have 1050 horsepower to make this car not less than a monster. This is all done by two electric motor mounted on rear wheels, one for each wheels, with another motor mounted in front. Faraday Future says that this crossover of these 3 motor will help it to go 0-60mph in just 2.4 second. Heart of Faraday Futute FF91 is built with the 130kWh battery by LG Chem. This Power bank is going to make it travel approximately 378km in one chanrge that is 63miles greater than Tesla Model S P100D.


So you are already listening more about this car that it have all the futuristic features and all but the first question that pop up is ‘What will be the prize?’ So as you know all the electric car has a prize range that is so far away from the reach of common people.

As per an interview of Jia Yueting, CEO of LeEco and Faraday Future’s main backer said “Prize will be less than 2 million Chinese Yuan”, that is equivalent to $290,000 or £272,000. The prize range was estimated to be around $150000 to $200,000 but now it have moved to slightly higher. Now everyone know that there is no big market of this prize range cars. So it will be very interesting to see where it will go from here.

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