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Fortnite Season 8 lead-up Earthquake Tremors have began

Fortnite Season 8 lead-up Earthquake Tremors have began

Adhering to the cube explosion in Season 6, the rocket launch in Season 4, and also the snowstorm that changed a large section of the map, Fortnite could be seeing another shift into the map. On February 5, players started discovering earthquake tremors pointing to the event that was next to hit the match. 

At 2 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 — Fortnite players had been greeted with a comparatively significant screen shake impact and the noise of stones moving. This appears to be a start of the Season 8 lead-up occasions which were found from the Fortnite v7.30 files about 1 week ago. 

It’s not yet understood how often these events will occur. The neighborhood is assuming a Tremor will occur once every 45 minutes, this is only speculation at the time of composing. 

The files that are leaked indicate that there will be a total of 50 Earthquake Tremors, each having an increasing amount of strength. 

As seen in the clips, the whole screen shakes once the tremors start, which probably means the tremors will rise as time continues. Based on how bad the tremors get, it’s likely that the occasion could draw some ire from the scene that is competitive if it gets into the way of gameplay. 

The earthquake was initially hinted at after the v7.30 upgrade dropped on January 29, with information miners uncovering sounds and files which made mention of an earthquake. Now all that is left to do it wait and see what this event will hold, though some people have already pieced together clues that it will be regarding the recently-released Prisoner. 

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