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The Fugitive Businessman Mehul Choksi Arrested in Dominica


Mehul Choksi, 62, was arrested when he allegedly tried to flee Cuba from Antigua, where he lived since 2018 after leaving India. He reportedly left Antigua and sailed for Dominica. On the way to Interpol, he was caught by police from a beach in Dominica.

Mehul Choksi, wanted on an RN 13,500 crore PNB scam, was tracked down and arrested in Dominica. This comes days after his disappearance in Antigua and Barbuda.

The fleeing businessman, Mehul Choksi, demanded Rs 13,500 crore PNB and disappeared for a few days in Antigua and Barbuda. He was tracked down in Dominica and arrested by local police. Dominica may be a small island nation within the Caribbean.

Antigua police have contacted Dominica police demanding his detention. Mehul Choksi was tracked down in Dominica after Interpol issued a ‘yellow corner notification.

Sources said Interpol had informed the CBI that Mehul Choksi had been tracked down and arrested in Dominica. They added that he arrived in Dominica from Antigua and Barbuda by boat.

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Speaking to India Today TV, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne said, “We have asked the Dominican government to arrest him illegally, make him a liar and deport him directly to India.”

Why is Mehul Choksi wanted?

Mehul Choksi has been living in Antigua and Barbuda since January 2018. He and his nephew Nirav Modi are wanted on suspicion of embezzling $ 13,500 million from Punjab National Bank (PNB) in a memorandum of understanding.

While Nirav Modi is in a London jail after repeated denials of bail and opposition to his deportation to India, Mehul Choksi took over the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in 2017 using the Citizenship by Investment program before fleeing to India within the first week of January 2018. The scam came out later. The CBI is investigating both.

Development in Antigua and Barbuda

Following the sudden disappearance of Mehul Choksi, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne, in a statement, said authorities were “cooperating” with the Indian government, neighboring countries, and international police to try to locate him.
“One of his relations said he was missing. Since then, the Royal police of Antigua and Barbuda have raised the difficulty. This statement will be shared with the International police,” he said.

 Choksi faces two charges against Antigua and Barbuda. One is about his deportation to India, and the other is about the denial of his citizenship. He has brought a respected lawyer from the United Kingdom to represent him in these cases.

Reports designate that Mehul Choksi was last seen on Sunday in his car. Police found the vehicle after a search, but Choksi was not found.

Following the sudden disappearance of Mehul Choksi, the Central Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the allegations against him, said it had confirmed the reports through “official and informal” channels, including Interpol.

Meanwhile, Mehul Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Aggarwal said during a statement, “I have spoken to the family.

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