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Good Things That CORONA Given Us


Covid 19 has given a disastrous outcome and it moved our life into a new direction. This is the most terrible human pandemic and it has created so many changes in human lives and affected almost all over the world. Whenever we talk about the corona and this year, we automatically reminded of the bad memories and negative things that happened to us over that time. But why always regret those things that actually not coming back to us with any kind of changes on them. Because ‘Everything happens with us is for a good cause’, we have to believe in ourselves and keep our faith in God.

In this article, I’m going to highlight some good and positive things that corona has actually given us. There is every reason to smile in tough conditions as well.

⦁ Just think about when you awoke on Monday morning and yawning badly because you didn’t want to go to the office but you had to go at any cost, and you were wishing to get some extra holidays to have some extra fun, extra work to do. But when you heard the news about lockdown everybody was reacting so strangely after heard about those holidays which you actually wanted. So very first point here is that we got enough paid holidays only to stay home.

⦁ There was another massive complaint regarding that businessmen/women were not able to give their time to each other and their families. So why people hyped about the lockdown holidays. Why people didn’t think about spending their good times with their families.

⦁ Lockdown has given us enough time to spend on ourselves. We could do whatever we want to do. Like if I give an example of myself, so I started reading, writing, cooking new recipes, yoga, and gardening instead of the only study.

⦁ Lockdown has given us enough time to chill, relax, build, and enjoy. We are getting more than sufficient time to discover ourselves.

⦁ The world has understood the power of online platforms, we become part of virtual classes, meetings, we have attended webinars, and also become a part of massive changes over the world.

Here a list of some productive work that you can do in lockdown……..

I know that the whole world has suffered a lot from this pandemic and still suffering. The loss it has created will take time to fill it. Most people have lost their loved ones, their jobs, their homes, and their vocation. But we all need to gather our courage and try to come back.
During the pandemic, we came to know about good people and how they served humanity during tough times, especially our doctors, nurses, the sweepers, the policemen, and all those people who have done a good thing during the lockdown. We should have to increase their morale and praise them for their services.

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