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Happy Valentine’s Day – why being in love may be good for your heart!

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Every year on February 14th, people honor their love for one another by spending some time with each other, sending sharing and flowers Valentine’s messages of love. The ritual of expressing love and affection goes much beyond the love of Chaucer’s time. He may have been the first person to link the Catholic Saint Valentine with romance, but Valentine’s Day is a time to show appreciation for friends and family too today.

About candy hearts, you passed since your grade school days with Valentine’s Day messages, and that you’re older and your Valentine’s card listing is smaller, you have more time to express yourself. This day of love is a wonderful chance to share messages and Valentine’s Day quotes together with all the people you genuinely care about. Send your Valentine’s Day message with a dozen red roses to show your affection.

The sensation of being in love is really inexplicable. It’s a roller coaster ride of feelings — occasionally bitter, mostly sweet. This makes you feel. Turns out, being in love can be great for your heart’s health!

According to a study conducted at Syracuse University, when you fall in love, your body releases hormones like norepinephrine, dopamine, and the adrenaline. An increase can be caused by adrenaline while dopamine is what is responsible for making you feel stimulated. These hormones are the reason your pulse increases when you are about the person you love, when they are around or you’ve flushed cheeks and blush.

According to another study by the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, it isn’t only relationships that are good for the health of your heart. Strong friendships, family connections, and bonds can have a similar influence on the heart and enhance health. According to investigators, people who have support are able to recuperate faster than many others who don’t. This service can range to your relative from a partner. According to the American Heart Association pets may help people experiencing heart problems recover faster. Read – Signs and symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome – You can die of a heart that is broken

There are no effects on the heart of falling into love. But if you are emotionally hurt in love and encounter a heartbreak, it may have adverse health effects, and even result in death. A heart may stir up a storm in the system. Such inflammation can boost the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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