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Hibiscus Tea: Health Benefits & Side Effects

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus the most charming and attractive flower which are commonly found in all those garden lovers home. This flower is as much as beautiful it is also one of the finest herbs and about its benefits not most of the people are aware of. Therefore in this article, I’m going to mention the recipe for Hibiscus tea, its health benefits as well as some of its side effects. So that most of the population will get aware of such kind of fabulous plant.

About Recipe:

Hibiscus Tea is also known as Jamaica tea and it a super healthy and most refreshing beverage made using Hibiscus flowers. It is made from fresh and dried hibiscus flowers. The color of the tea is perfect deep red and its the actual reason that this tea is why so attractive and tasty, the taste of the tea is like sour tart slightly sweet and refreshing, which makes it a perfect beverage to have in summer, winter or monsoon.

You can consume it as per your preference means you want to drink it like hot or cold. It is one of the popular beverages in the world which has its medicinal uses too. This tea is easily available in the market, you can buy it online or offline.

Key Ingredients:

⦁ Hibiscus Flowers(dried or fresh)
⦁ Sugar or Honey
⦁ Lemon

How To Make Hot Hibiscus Tea:

Although you can make the chilled iced hibiscus tea here I’m gonna tell you the recipe of a hot one. So you need to follow some basic steps which are as follows-
1. First, you need to boil 2 cups of water on the flame.
2. when this water gets boiled add 1 tablespoon dried hibiscus or 1 one-cup fresh hibiscus flowers(in case of fresh flowers you have to use only flower petals) and cover it with a lid and switch the flame.
3. After a minute you uncover the container and strain the tea in your cup.
4. Now add sugar or honey as per your taste buds.
5. And for the last touchup add some drops of lime juice into it and now your tea is ready to serve and enjoy.

Health Benefits:

As I told previously that this plant is full of medicinal properties and has a number of health benefits.
⦁ It is good for people who have a problem with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This tea brings down the sugar level and helps in controlling the blood sugar level of the body
⦁ It is also good for our digestive system and makes our immunity strong.
⦁ It is also beneficial for all who are thinking about their weight loss.
⦁ As this tea is enriched with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals, so it is helpful in the treatment of hypertension, stress, and anxiety.
⦁ It has anti-cancer properties and also very good for your scalp, hair, and skin.

Side Effects:

This tea has a number of extremely great health benefits but with this, it has some side effects too. A 2013 review of studies reported that a very high dosage of hibiscus may cause liver damage.

It is advisable for all diabetic and high blood pressure patients to measure their blood sugar level on a daily basis as this lowers the blood sugar level in the body.
The pregnant, breastfeeding and those who want to be pregnant should not consume this tea as it lowers the estrogen.
Even the overconsumption of this tea may cause fatigue and transient dizziness.

Although the moderate consumption of hibiscus tea is good for your health and doesn’t show any side effects.

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