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How to Perform Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018 for Better Business

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We are about to enter in 2018 and digital marketers are starting to figure out the strategies for next year. If you are in digital marketing you should really work on some old but always strong strategies. No-matter in what business you are, whether online or bricked everyone needs these strategies to keep their business look good. Even if you are already popular brand or a celeb starting new business you need to reach to your audience. And these strategies will help everyone in spreading their business.

Site Optimization for better Marketing:

This is one of those factors that Google is not going to drop from its search result algorithm. This depends on many other elements of your website. For better optimization, optimize images first but keep in mind that it should not reduce the quality much. Then take a look at CSS and JS files of your website. There three elements play big role in optimization.

Quicker your website opens more conversation you will make with your audience. According to a research each second can cause 11% of deduction in page view. Not only page view you will lose 7% of conversations and 16% of customer satisfaction. Google have tool “Page Insight” for this purpose. You can tally all the required changed to speed up your website.

Make Better Conversation Rate:

Your website may have good number of traffic but if it isn’t turning into conversion then it is no good. Even you may be on top at some keywords but if users aren’t becoming customer then whole SEO is in vain. Other factors like Meta-tags, Heading, SEO friendly URL all still have same importance as before. But conversation is also necessary in getting good digital marketing result.

Not just making it optimized will work for you. You have to make it usable and user friendly. Make your landing pages design better, optimal and responsive. If it is more complicated you may lose some conversation. Use feedback forum and product videos for increasing by 144%. These are some extra ways to improve Conversation Rate.

Content is Stilling Ruling Digital Marketing:

You have seen that Google is keep improving its algorithm to make better user experienced results. For that purpose Google is targeting content present in the website. Google is reading every single line you have written in your website. If the content is well structured then you will rank better. Content should be like it is answering to user’s queries. Your article can have title starting from ‘How’, ‘Why’ etc. Use heading tags and bullets to make it understandable. Target long tails keywords usually searched by the users.

Brand Building is Important:

According to a research, user will never trust your services in first visit. First visit is just for making impression on user’s mind. After that visit if users are making 2nd or 3rd visit on your site then they might just want to know more about you and your services. They can use any resource to know about you from internet. This is where you can strike with full power and convert a user into a customer. To know about Brand Building you can read our article fully dedicated to it.

Paid Campaign for Business Promotion:

Expanses on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are increasing from last 5 years. These 2 platforms are totally different audience oriented. If you want quick sales in your business then spend your money on Google Ads. Same on the other hand if you are willing to make impression or re-market your product use Facebook Ads. Both platforms are targeting different audiences with different behavior. Google is targeting people ready to convert into customer and Facebook turn user slowly into a customer.

Both have different strategies to convert users into customers. This is one element where you will be spending money directly but it makes sure that all money is used properly. Google’s Ads are keyword oriented and they will always cost you little more than Facebook. Facebook Ads are not keyword oriented. So make sure who your audience is and then choose your ad platform.

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