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How Do YouTubers Make Money Through Their Content


The social media giant, YouTube, is a great platform where creators and random people can post videos. It is considered more of an entertaining platform than a social media platform. People maintain their channels where they regularly post videos pertaining to their domain. Such people are commonly known as YouTubers.

Most of the famous YouTubers garner views in millions and hence prefer to monetize their videos. This monetization can come in many forms, from advertisements to brand sponsorship. We will look at some of the common methods to monetize your YouTube content.

  1. Google Ads: Whenever you view a video on YouTube there is a high chance that you might watch an advertisement. It is the revenue earned from these advertisements that usually pays a YouTuber. The percentage share of the revenue earned that YouTube gives the creator is 55 %, and keeps for itself is 45%. Moreover, a particular creator has also got to satisfy some of the conditions laid down by YouTube before he can avail of the benefits.
  2. Sponsorship from Brands: The best way for some of the brands to sell their products is to endorse them through a recognized personality. The company approaches the content creator to advertise or mention his product in his video. The content creator, in return, will get paid for the promotion of the product. This has become a common feature across all channels and content creators on YouTube, as it ensures that the product will be noticed by the people who regularly watch and follow a particular creator.
  3. Merchandise and Memberships: Popular creators also have their own collection of merchandise which is available to the fans and public. The sale of this merchandise not only provides a source of income but also can increase the popularity of a creator. Along with this, YouTubers also have an option of providing membership to their fans based on a monthly subscription. In return, the fans can get exclusive members-only content like special videos, live streams, and other fun content.

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