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How Humans Are Responsible For Disturbing The Nature

The Nature

We are humans the most prudent species of the world among all other species. Nature always blessed us with something extra as compare to the other living organisms living on the earth. It is because when the nature creates humans it would have been expected that humans will also create other things with their mind and leads to balance the nature and all the living organisms will live with peace and harmony. But nature forgets about one important thing that was given to humans -Selfishness. Yes, it is the reason why nature failed to create a perfect balance on the earth.

The earth, there are lots of varieties that are living on the earth, but not all blessed with the active brain as humans are. But with this brain which is actually provided by nature, we are somewhere destroying our mother, who has given us the existence. Humans are so selfish as compare to other animals on the earth. We only thought about our personal happiness, comfort, and prosperity, we even don’t care about the consequences which were created by us to achieve our happiness and goal.

Some people can say that humans are so intelligent and able to achieve whatever they want, yes I am agreeing with this point but with this, I must say the most fool one also are the humans, because we are destroying those branches of trees where we have been sitted. Humans are in so much rush to make world modern, with the help of technology we are dreaming to achieve a high tech world but here for achieving that goal we are destroying ourselves, the relationship, the surrounding where we live and the most important our mother earth, nature which actually given us the birth and its beauty. We are the reason behind The Pollution, Global Warming, Deforestation, Climate Change, Acid Rain, Droughts and all, because if we are not disturbing nature’s balance then nothing this kind of natural disaster will happen.

We are cutting down trees for our personal benefits and dumping industrial waste into the rivers. Humans are the reason behind the cause of death of many animals whether they are aquatic or territorial. According to a recent study, it is shown that humans already altered 70% of the earth, we are disturbing nature and its balance on the environment by creating plastic wastage, overpopulation, pollution, and other disastrous things with our nature.

There is a complete list below which are explaining this in a more detailed way that how are we responsible for harming our nature and environment:-
As we already harmed our nature a lot and still using to harm with no caring about its bad consequences to us and other species. One day will come when nature itself erase our existence from the earth if we don’t stop here. Whenever humans tried to cross their lines nature has shown its worth and taking its repayment by destroying and affecting millions of lives. Although nature is very calm and patient with us there is a limit to anything. So here we have time to cope with all the disbalance we have created in the nature and make our nature happy and green.

Here there is a link that how we can try to maintain nature’s balance with some small activities-

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