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How Vegetarian Foods are Different From Vegan Foods

Vegetarian Foods

In present times the population is focused on plant nutrition and a large number of people are leaving the non-veg and adopting vegetarian foods. It can be seen that people are actually really interested and fantasized about veg cuisine and its taste. But when we discuss plant nutrition and vegetarian foods, a lot of people are slightly confused between the difference of two terms-‘Vegan and Vegetarian ‘.
Vegan and Veg terms look similar but both of these terms are different. Vegan and Vegetarian foods have specific and most unique importance in our diet. Vegan and Vegetarian foods both are based on plant-based foods.

How Vegetarians Foods are different from Vegans:

The main center of difference between these two are animal in food production.

  • Vegetarians have a plant-based diet along with this they are allowed to take the dairy products of animals while the Vegans completely avoid animal-based any type of products.
  • The diet of vegetarian foods includes eggs, honey, dairy products but vegans are strictly disallowed for having these things on their plate.
  • Vegetarian diets are more flexible and it is a bit less restrictive, and thus easier to consume a more balanced intake of nutrients while vegans are vegetarians but with a more limited and restricted diet.
  • Vegetarian cuisine has a big importance in Hinduism. The Hindus are more likely to follow the vegetarian diet. Veganism is an extreme part of vegetarianism and this cuisine is in vogue nowadays.
  • If I highlight the health maintenance here, so both the diets have equal and more health benefits if the proper rules are followed. Veganism is opted by those who are more likely to follow dieting, and body management goals.
  • According to a European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published in 2010, it is found that 52% of vegans were deficient in B12, compared to just 7% of vegetarians.

Both of the diets are proper and safe to take it if contain a proper balance of vitamins, proteins, calcium, and iron. So whatever diet you are following please make sure the nutrition contains in it.

Below is the complete food list followed by vegetarians and vegans:

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