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“Humans and Dogs – Perfect Companions”


Having dogs is just like having your own child, we make so much effort to make them feel like a member of the family, make them feel comfortable, and love them unconditionally. We take care of them as parents, we play with them, we raise them, we take out time to be around them always. They complete our lives in so many areas – be it at times of happiness when they see us happy, they try to act like one too, when we seem sad, they try their best to bring back that colorful smile on our faces which also influences theirs even if they can’t speak.

They understand us so well, they jump out of joy when we come back home after work, school, college, or even a vacation. Their whole life is dependent on ours, throughout their journey with us, they only come with one motive and that is to love us and be best of friends! To be around us always at any cost, try to act as a shoulder on which we can rely; So what if they are mute? They still understand all our gossips, talks. They communicate with us using their non-understandable language, they don’t care if you don’t like their licking, it’s their style of bursting out emotions.

We all know dogs have a way shorter life span than ours, but we feel a connection with them from the very first day itself. They bring joy and smiles to our home and leave us with tears in our eyes but long-lasting memories. Those memories are enough to feel their presence and positive aura, long-saliva-filled-tongues, adorable faces, and that non-stop waking tails. Being with them automatically snatches away all the stress from our lives, brightens up our mood and we endure a refreshing atmosphere around us. I wish all humans had a heart like that of dogs, no criticism, no hate, no mean comments, no nasty thoughts for anyone but “love” and “care” for all in the same manner.

I have observed that there are cases where we have proven that humans are the most narcissist personalities on earth, we are highly unsympathetic towards those who think about nothing but just spreading love in every corner of the world. Failing them, we have proven we don’t deserve their love, we don’t deserve their care because all of us know for a fact, we can never love them the way they love us – “unconditionally”.

But, as this is a cruel world, at times like everyone else, they also leave us behind with their memories but influence our lives and make us a better person. A very popular saying – we understand the importance or value of certain things/people only when they leave us forever. That goes perfectly with the topic today, we love them, we care for them but still after they are gone, there comes a voice in our head which says – “I wish I could have given you more time!” “I wish I didn’t leave you alone and took you with me!” “I wish I loved you even more”. Rather than regretting, let’s give them back what they actually deserve, let’s love them immensely while they are with us.

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