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Impacts Of Westernization On Indian Culture

Indian Culture


We all know India is a country that has a huge variety of religions, cultures, customs because people belonging to different religions live there together. From ancient times, the people of India are following its traditions, customs, culture with utmost perfection and with full dedication and faith. But as time passes, things are changed. With time, many people of India are getting influenced by western culture and some of us started to follow certain western cultures. Western culture has a great impact on Indian culture. Not only positive or negative, but it has both positive and negative impacts on our lives and Indian culture. Does anyone have any idea what impacts does western culture has on Indian culture? If no, then not to worry as I am going to discuss “Impacts Of Westernization On Indian Culture” in the below-mentioned context.


The positive and negative impacts of westernization on Indian culture are as follows:-

  • Positive impacts:-

  1. Modernization:- Western culture has caused many negative impacts on India but it has positive impacts on India too. For example, it has also made India more modern. The Indian culture is one of the oldest or ancient cultures and is staying the same for years but western culture has changed it to become more modern.
  2. Public health:- Due to the influence of westernization on Indian culture, sanitization, and public health has highly improved in India. Western doctors have immigrated to India and made or developed several medicines that have helped in reducing sickness, diseases in large parts of India because health care is made accessible to everywhere in India.
  3. Labor:- The western traders which are present in India have helped India in increasing demands for goods and services.
  • Negative impacts:-

  1. Dressings:– Western culture is destroying Indian traditional clothing. For example, traditional clothing in India is a sari, dhoti, and kurta but today many people in India are wearing jeans, tee shirts, and girls are wearing short skirts, tops, etc.
  2. Festivals:- Western culture has also a great impact on Indian festivals in many ways. In India, all people grandly celebrate their festivals and enjoy it very much. But today most Indians are not celebrating their festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc, instead, they are celebrating western festivals like Christmas or Halloween.
  3. Foods:- India has welcomed many western foods like pizza, burgers, etc and Indian foods like Gol Gappa, curry, etc are less popular in India.


From the above, we can conclude that western culture has impacted India in many ways, both positive and negative ways. But we should adopt positive ways and must have to try to reduce all the negative impacts so that we can take western culture together with Indian culture without harming it in any way.



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