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Importance Of Agriculture



We all know to lead a happy and successful life, we must require money, shelter, necessary facilities, etc. But besides all this, there are some most important things are there without which life is impossible. Those are basic necessities of any living being water to drink and food to eat. The food we eat comes from agriculture. Agriculture is basically called farming. With the help of It, all types of food we obtain. But do all of you know what agriculture actually defines? Why it is important and what are its benefits to all mankind? If no, then go through the below.


It is basically defined as the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops, and raising livestock. It also includes activities like the preparation of plant and animal products for people’s use and also for their distribution to markets. The products and also the agricultural methods used for these may vary from country to country or region to region.

Civilization has begun with agriculture and today humanity has changed significantly but still, agriculture is very important for all people. Its significance is more in certain countries, but as a whole, the true fact is that every country in this world depends on agriculture in one way or another.

The reasons why it is so important for mankind is given below:-

  1. It acts as the main source of raw materials:- Many raw materials such as cotton, wood, sugar, palm oil, etc comes from agriculture only. These materials are essential to numerous industries in several ways like manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, diesel fuel, plastic, etc. Raw materials are so essential for the purpose of production such that the economic health of any country directly depends upon how many raw materials it possesses.
  2. It has an important role in the case of international trade:- Raw materials from agriculture together make up a large quantity of what’s traded internationally. Countries with plenty of those supplies can export them and trade for them what they don’t have. If any country’s agriculture discontinues for some reason then the prices may go up very faster and this results in disrupting the flow of trade.
  3. It also performs an important role in a nation’s revenue:- Developing countries still get most of their national income from agricultural products. Developed countries don’t depend on agriculture as much as they are supposed to, but till then also their economies would surely get a huge hit if all exports suddenly stopped working.


From the above, we can conclude that we should save farmers from committing suicide because they did agriculture or farming without which we cannot survive. It not only affects our food but also has a huge impact on the economical and social and financial growth of any country. So we need to understand the importance of agriculture and the farmers too.


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