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India: World’s Covid-19 Vaccine Capital

India Vaccines Capital

Over 30 million people have contracted Covid-19 and have recovered. They are believed to have natural immunity. Natural immunity typically offers better protection than a vaccine but, the price is higher with so many long-term effects. Vaccines may not be quite as effective, but they’re also not as dangerous. With all the major economies seeing negative growth the world is desperately looking for a vaccine.

Many of the world’s leading indiacompanies have already started the trials. With every vaccine candidate in different stages of trials, quite a few have been advanced to the last phase i.e. 3rd phase. Amongst a few candidates in the 3rd phase, three of them are from India – The world’s pharmacy.

With trials already being started on human volunteers, a vast spectrum of side effects have been observed. When asked some volunteers complained of fatigue and dizziness. Some have even compared side effects with a hangover, unusual after a vaccine shot, right? 😉 Serum Institute of India has already produced 40 million doses of AstraZeneca’s potential Covid-19 vaccine.

Another Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin has also started the clinical trials. This Covaxin is also one of the two made in India vaccines. When the government of India allowed Covaxin to conduct trials on human volunteers, hundreds of people registered within a few days. And the thing is, it isn’t just individuals in India who trying to play their part to help deal with this pandemic. The western city of Pune is home to the world’s largest vaccine producer – Serum Institute.

Serum Institute produces over 1.5 billion vaccine doses a year for use in 170 different countries. Now, this institute is poised to play a crucial role in the global bid for the coronavirus vaccine! With the help of the Gates Foundation, the institute is investing to provide vaccines to 90 low and middle-income countries at an affordable cost. Four other vaccines at different stages of trials are also being produced here!!!

Thus, as countries race to grab doses … the world is turning to India for the supplies. As India supplies over 60% of the total vaccines for the world, everyone expects that things won’t be any different this time too. And, time and again India has shown that it will do everything to ensure that the needs of the world are met at the earliest

Around the world, there are more than 140 vaccine candidates. Various vaccine candidates have also been given nod for the last stage trials. India may or may not win the race but, it doesn’t matter who finds the vaccine, India will be called upon to mass-produce the doses. Such is the capability of India’s pharmaceutical sector. But with power comes the responsibility – there is no phrase more accurate than this, in this particular case. With people dying left right and center because of Covid-19, India is in a race against time for producing the doses.

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