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Innovations That Can Make Our Devices Completely Wireless


It is often seen that people get irritated when they see a clumsy set of wires looped up around each other in our homes and workspace. Whether it be laptop chargers, headphones, or a power cord to our TV sets, the situation gets pretty messy while dealing with it. These loops and meshes of wire are not only ugly to look at bad can sometimes also causes some electricity-related accidents. So where does the solution lie to all these issues? Well, the most direct answer is going wireless.

Even though there is a small presence of wireless devices in the market, a majority of the devices still rely on wires and cords. With our earphones and headsets shifting towards being completely wireless, we will look at some devices which will completely get rid of wires.

  • Mobiles: In the domain of smartphones, earphones have become wireless and the earphone jack has been removed from the design. Next is wireless charging. Placing a phone on a charging dock or mat eliminates the use of wires to some extent. Though the mat uses a wire to get power supply we have certainly moved in the right direction with respect to making our smartphones completely wireless.
  • LI-FI: The Internet through the light is the meaning of LI-FI. A technology which is still not available publicly, it promises great internet speeds of 220 Gigabits per second! Such speeds would revolutionize the usage of our devices. This can help in eliminating the cables which are required for our broadband and Wi-Fi connection and can integrate it with the already existing power cables used for power our houses.
  • Charger-Less Big Devices: When we refer to big devices, we are talking about laptops, TVs, etc.  Though the laptop is a wireless and compact version of the computer, it still requires a charger to power it. The new generation laptops and TV might also eliminate the use of these wires by making use of the charging mats and docks. There are currently some laptops available in the market which make use of this technology to the full extent.


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