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Internet and Tech Pioneer Plead for Net Neutrality with Letter to FCC

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On Dec. 15, 2017 FCC is about to announce the Internet Freedom Order Vote. This vote session is being pleaded by the internet pioneer and father of internet. They wrote an open letter to the FCC saying, “You don’t understand how the internet works.” To oppose the voting by FCC, total of 21 high profile members have signed the plea. This took place when FCC failed to conduct an open meeting and neglected millions of comment from users. These Pioneer are trying to protect internet traffic from the discrimination.

The Letter from Internet Pioneers on Net Neutrality

These internet pioneers are afraid of that this will destruct the Internet they have built. When FCC failed in responding to the people’s comment these pioneers took matter in their hands. The letter specifically point out that FCC is not able to understand the working of the Internet. They have flawed and faults in their understanding on how internet works. These faults were outlined in a 43 page long comment for FCC back in July 2017.

Net Neutrality will going to hurt small business and artists whose livelihood depends on the internet. Net Neutrality brought in 2015 by Obama is now under danger. It was brought back in that time so that service provider will treat every content on the internet same. This will not change on the pay they get. Everyone will be charged equally. There will be no biasing for this.

Facts of the Letter

From last 15 years net neutrality was protected by both Democratic and Republican Members. But now it looks like it has came to an end. The letter is directly blaming the FCC for not holding any open session on Net Neutrality. Not only they ignored comments of experts or pioneers but they also neglected 23 million comments from consumers. Pioneers claimed that FCC never tried to listen to the customers with an open meeting. Goal of this open meeting was to listen to idea or desire from the people. These millions of people are passionate in saving the Internet.

Letter also claimed that FCC has failed in showing respect to the Freedom of Information Act that was requesting the incident information. This proposal will free the internet from the broad band company. They will not be able to slow or fast the internet speed. The plea have signature from Mozilla like Internet Pioneer to sign of “father of internet” Mr. Tim Berners-Lee.

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