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Is Suicide A Solution?

Is Suicide A Solution?

Suicide is a momentary thought which comes in everyone’s mind at a point in life when a person thinks “I should not be anymore!” A person who thinks of suicide has many problems in mind, these problems may seem very much light for another person. But, when all these problems resound again and again in mind then that person moves to end itself…

Suicide is not only the end of life but also the end of thoughts, the end of your own dreams.  WHO reported that every year close to 800000 people in the world die due to suicide, which is one in every 40 seconds. 

Many times the reasons for the suicides are exams, study, breaking of relationships in youth. In adults the reasons are life partner, losing dream jobs, bankruptcy, underemployment. When we read news like ‘A stressed student committed suicide’ ‘A woman burned up herself’ We get shocked for few seconds then we ignore it but you should think such a situation will happen in your neighborhood may be in your home. So that Richard Cole a person living in New York, who had committed a suicide attempt by firing a bullet in his chest says that ” If you come across someone that you just say ‘that person is little odd’  or ‘they seem off’ or whatever it is, don’t know they might be having a bad day. They might be on the edge of something horrible and just smile from you or you’re just listening to them can make a difference.”

Everyone has problems in life and many think that “I am alone, nobody loves me, nobody will care if I will die.” It forms total darkness in the mind due to overthinking of problems, one becomes desperate and finally thinks “Only my death will be a way out to this situation “. But why don’t they think Is Suicide the only solution? The answer is always a big No. Suicide is never a solution to your problem. Before coming to a thought of suicide talk with someone about your problems, it can be your parents, your friends who will listen to you.  For them, you are more than anything. If you don’t want to talk and you have mental illness with signs like continuous sadness, mood swings, excessive fear, worry or anxiety, dramatic changes in eating, or sleeping them you should go to a psychiatrist or mental consultant. There are helplines search it on google to prevent suicide they will definitely listen to you.

Always keep in mind that 

  • To every tension there is a solution and suicide is not a solution. 
  • You are not alone …and your life is worth a lot … speak out !!!



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