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James Gunn Rehired by Disney Owned Marvel to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3

We say third time is charm but in case of James Gunn, it is always charm. Disney owned Marvel rehired James to direct its one of successful movie series Guardians of the Galaxy. The decision to re-hire Gunn was “mulled and actually made months ago, following conversations with Disney studio leadership and the team at Marvel Studio,” according to Deadline. Gunn, a once avid Twitter user who hasn’t tweeted since being fired, sent out a message to fans thanking them for their continued support.

Disney executives seemed to acknowledge on Friday that they made a misstep of their own in almost immediately firing Mr. Gunn in the aftermath: At the time, “Guardians” cast members condemned the decision as an overreaction to the “mob mentality” of the internet. If nothing else, the reversal reflects the challenges that Hollywood studios face as they contend with online furors over past behavior in response to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, all while trying to protect billion-dollar film properties.

The first two “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies became a surprise hit for Marvel and Disney, totaling $1.6 billion in international box office. The characters have been featured in the latest “Avengers” storyline, beginning with “Infinity War” and continuing with the upcoming “Endgame.” A Guardians of the Galaxy attraction has also opened at Disneyland.

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