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Did You Know About These Football Rules

Football Rules

Football is a hugely popular sport with a massive following across many countries. With many popular video games on football being available in the market, the basic knowledge about football rules is known to many people. But there are many rules which are still not known to many fans which can at time confuse many. The offside rule is one such rule which some people take time to understand as it can get a bit to complex in the middle of the match. Usually the people who have just started following football aren’t aware of many of the rules. In this article we will look at some of the football rules which many people don’t know.

You cannot score an own goal from a throw in or a free kick: In a situation where a team gets a throw in or free kick, the player of that team cannot put the ball directly into his own goal. He can score a goal by putting the ball in the opposite team’s net, but he cannot do the same in his own goal. In this situation, the own goal is disallowed and the opposite team is given a corner.

Goalkeeper cannot hold the ball for more than six seconds: People who play Fifa or any other football video game might have observed this football rule that a 6 second timer appears on the screen when the goalkeeper has the ball in his hands for a goal kick. In the real game too this rule applies for the goalies where they have to release the ball before 6 seconds into the air. If he or she violates the rule then the referee awards a free kick to the opponent’s team.

If two fouls are committed at the same time then the more serious one is taken into consideration: This is a football rule which is rarely seen in action as there are very less instances where two fouls are committed at the same time. But in such a situation, the referee has to punish the player who has committed the more serious offence and the player who has committed the lesser offence is given a warning and then let off.

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