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Know These Types Of Tourism- Cultural, Adventure, Nature

Types Of tourism

When you talk about tourism, the first thing that comes to your mind is some place or a tourist spot. It is much wider term than what is usually thought about it. Just the destination of the tourist doesn’t define it, there many more factors which helps us to classify it. From the types of people travelling, to the place where you are going and the mood in which you are doing a trip also further divides it into many more categories. In this article we will look at some of the types of tourism.

Nature tourists : In this type the tourist goes to places where the region has a great diversity in the nature found, from flora to fauna and other natural occurrences. The person can do various activities like camping in the forest, hiking, bird watching or going for a swim. He or she basically is going there to be with nature and enjoy the experience.

Cultural tourists: In this type of tourism, people go to places where there are many historical monuments, museums or any other culture related stuff to be done. Theaters or folk arenas give the person a complete idea of the culture that is present in that particular place. These kind of tourists usually travel to learn more about a particular culture and gain knowledge.

Adventure tourists: This tourism offers the tourist a great experience of adventure activities in a given place. The tourist takes up challenging activities like hiking, sky diving, river rafting or any other activities that are offered in that place. These kind of activities give a person the thrill, which can help him to relieve his stress levels with a boost in the adrenaline. Many tourist spots are famous for their exciting adventure activities that they give to a person. People who don’t enjoy high thrill activities can also do the sober ones like hiking which can be peaceful.


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