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Lazy: Secret of Successful Tech Start-Up

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In today’s world we are seeing many companies working many different fields of interests. In middle of all this some start-up took birth and struggle to survive. Everyone wants a successful start-up as a result but it do not happen always. Some might think that hard work, new and innovative thing are the secrets. But thing is that you so many innovations have already took places till now. If you want to do something to be successful that is being Lazy.

Yes, get lazy to achieve success. You don’t need to waste your precious time to think of something new. If you are making a start-up and want see success in near time then start doing some copy-paste thing. Reinventing the thing that already exists is not always way to success. So the question is, How to be lazy? That is simple, only you have to do is copy their idea, merge it with another idea and there it is. You have now a new reinvented wheel that is totally different from others.

There are already many different kind of innovative ideas are available in the market. What you need to do is make a perfect pair with an existing tech and your ideas. If the pair is perfect this will come up with new innovation for the market. Now if you are still confused with this new Lazy thing you can read these 4 points those will make point.

Foundation of Idea is Ready

Here you need to find an idea that already has took birth into tech world. Make research on its popularity, why people need it, what idea will complement it, etc. Researching these facts will help you to make a good collaboration with the existing idea. We know time is very precious thing in building a start-up. And you can’t waste it in molding a new idea. Use time in building yourself and the company. So go and start working on pre-existing technology.

Their Users are Now Yours

You are collaborating with a platform or system that already has good traffic or users available on it. Then the users or traffic of that page will help to increase your user or traffic. These users can be currently working on system or used to work on system. Now as they found about your product that is also on same tech they love then they will also visit you. This will increase your number of users.

Large Idea comes with Large Market

If you are spending your time and money on collaborating with big platform then don’t worry about marketing. These big platforms are already throwing so much money on marketing that you can’t. A good promotion and market will help you in making good money from your product. Another benefit is that you will be able to save big money of advertising it. So it is kind of “two birds with one stone”.

Closer to Innovation

There is a down point to this whole concept. That concept that you took is now taken down by the company. Then what will you do. This decision will cause big lose or jeopardies the whole future of the company. But if you have completed it before it was taken down then it will help you more. You will be able to make partnership with other product those want to work on the same technology.

So being Lazy is not always a bad flaw of character. It is the new way of survival. You can set-up a good business with the long term running power with it. Or you can be active and take long time in making a new one.

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