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Learn to Give Up to Be Successful

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It sounds weird but yes, we are telling you to give up if you want to be successful. You should learn to give up on your negative habits those are not letting you move forward and become successful. Because sometime only adapting everything does not do goods to you, you have to learn giving up.

Some habits can be given up today and some will take a bit time. Stop waiting for happiness or success and start chasing them right now. These are some habits you can give up on.


If someone thinks that he can multi task, let wake him up from his dream and tell him that is a myth. No one actually does multi-tasking. It is just about focusing on 2 different tasks at same time. It actually sounds good but for productivity and quality it is not a good thing and to be successful you need to focus on one thing, not many.

Magic do not Exist

Some thinks that overnight success is a thing. But actually the people who do hard work knows how success really taste like. This happens because they are focused to one thing and beat it into the accomplishment. The commitment to one thing is your ladder to success.

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If you are doing a task that you want to succeed in only thing that matter here is when you don’t compare it with others work. Both are different, you both have different goal, different start, so there is no point of comparison. You may be seeing other running beside you but you are in marathon not sprint, go moderately and succeed the race of life.

Don’t Getting Liked

Let’s think that you are making dish, with spice. But the world is full of different people so cannot trust them all to like your dish. Some people will like your product some will not. It is the way business works because people hate that person or thing that they can’t become or can’t have.

Don’t Lie

People who really into something and want to achieve love to face reality rather making an imaginative success with their own lies. To be the successful you have to make sure that you are accepting what is happening to you. Making excuses is the sigh of weakness and weak people do not achieve success. You have to learn to face your problems both internally and externally.

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