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Legacy of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump – the 45th President of the United States of America, is also the most controversial president in the history of the states.
Over his tenure of four years, he has been harshly criticized over a variety of issues but there are few major ones over which he has been repeatedly criticized.
Over his tenure, he has also been applauded by various experienced political pundits for various decisions like – some changes in the judiciary system, aggressive foreign policy, pulling troops out of the Middle East war zones.

What does Donald Trump’s tenure mean for the Republican Party?

Traditionally blue-collar-workers supported the Democratic Party, but there was a time when the Democrats ignored the grievances of these people. Seeing this Trump made sure to address their demands/grievances in his 2016 presidential-campaign and because of this, the large chunk of blue-collar-workers who used to support Democrats started supporting the Republicans!

This completely changed the public image of the Republic party owing to this change, Donald Trump has also been called – THE BILLIONAIRE BLUE WORKER!

Let’s see the impact of TRUMP’S tenure in different fields:

  1. The Judiciary: According to experts, this the field which will have the longest-lasting impact of Trump’s tenure! The changes that Trump made in the judiciary system are quite important for the citizens of the states. During his tenure, he appointed 3, out of 9, justices to the supreme court and this is quite significant because in the last 50 years there has never been more than 1 vacancy. Historically the ratio of conservative to liberal has been 5 to 4 but owing to vacancies he appointed 3 conservative judges, which changed the balance to, 6 to 3. He also made significant appointments to federal’s appeals court – 53 judges in 4 years. And all these appointments are for life and these appointments have led to an ideological shift i.e. the courts where there was a liberal majority now has a conservative majority. Now, this ideological shift will influence every aspect of Citizens’ way of life for decades.
    2. The Climate Change Policies: This also one of the most impacted fields. In the year 2016 then-president Barack Obama signed an agreement – Paris Agreement and had pledged around US$3 billion to the Green Climate Fund. The aim was to generate revenue of around US$100 billion by 2020, but on 4th Nov. 2020, the USA officially withdrew from this agreement. This means that the goals- to slash emissions by 26-28% by 2025, the set cannot be achieved within the original timeline. The goals set for the power and transport sector-major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, to achieve will be further delayed because of this.
    3. Immigration: During the period 2016-2020, there were drastic changes in asylum and immigration policies. A travel ban was imposed on a few countries. He used tough diplomacy to pressure Central American countries which constitute a major chunk of immigrants. Immigrants from Mexico were stopped at the border itself.
    4. Trade policies: Introduced new taxes and on the equipment imported from China and started a trade war with China. Trump openly challenged World-trade-organization rules and also opposed the multilateral alliances. The United States also exited the Trans-Pacific partnership which was negotiated under the leadership of President Obama.
    5. Foreign Policy: This can be considered as the hallmark of the Trump Administration. Under his leadership, they changed their approach towards China, and they were more aggressive towards China’s unilateral action – be it in the South China Sea or anywhere on the face of the globe. He also introduced some new rules in the NATO alliance.

There are many more fields like Tax cuts, Abraham Accord – peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel which can also be considered as the deal of the decade and was penned under Trump’s leadership.
So to conclude, the decisions taken by President Donald Trump impact and will continue to impact both positive and negative ways.

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