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Life-A Journey Full of Adventure


Who else not like adventure, means that when we heard the word adventure our brain starts reacting to it and we lost on the combination of memories and imagination which thrills us and also relaxes us about something which happened something adventurous with us.

Adventure means having a feel which is full of challenges, risks, and a little bit of danger doing over it. Some people I’m sure you have met of that say they like adventure, not they are initially referring adventure as some sort of having climbing mountains, rafting rivers or bungee jumping, and so on. But what when we start having a feel actual adventure in our life. Yes, it is something that seems like weirs to accept but that’s the truth I want to highlight here, the more you think about the adventure the more you are feeling that all the concepts of Adventure are moving around of our unpredictable journey called as “Life”.
I don’t know how many are going to agree with me over this point but once you start exploring what is happening around you on daily basis you will surely going to agree with me. Like what is Life? And Why here I’m denoting as a tag Adventure?……

The life which starts from our crying and ends with another crying for us. When we start this journey we usually dependent on others for each need and also comes under the touch of emotions like love, affection, respect, faith, hate, and jealousy. The journey of life is short, unpredictable, and full of new surprises, Sometimes we weep for happiness while sometimes we weep for sadness. Sometimes we hurt the feelings of others and sometimes they hurt our sentiments. We are actually moving in a circle where we regret the present for our past and worrying about our future. Everything which is happening with us is for a reason most probably for a good one.

There are so many ups and downs in this short journey and during this period we welcomed some unenviable guests in our life known as Problems. These play an important role in making our journey adventurous. We surround with so many emotions simultaneously…Sometimes we welcome new members to join us on this journey, sometimes we lost someone who was with us, we feel actual happiness after tasting the sadness, We are continuously making efforts for being successful in the future and actually ruining our present for making our future perfect. Sometimes this race of being successful ruined us and we lost in a black hole from where we never we spaced.

Don’t try to take this journey as much as serious that it will become the reason for our lostness and no one actually cares for you except only you. Because if you want to make this adventurous journey simple a bit you have to understand that nothing is permanent in your life, not a single thing which you opt for from birth maybe it is your parents, friends, relatives, any material, success, failures, nothing. Even you are also not going to live your life as constant yourself.

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