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Love Death and Robots: Review, What to Know, Season 2

Love Death and Robots

Disclaimer: Explicit content and words used in the article. Parent Advisory Requested.

Sex isn’t included in the title of Love, Death & Robots, the new animated Netflix series from directors David Fincher and Tim Miller (premiering March 15). But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of R-rated eroticism—not to mention myriad Hitler deaths!—to be found in this 18-episode anthology of sci-fi shorts about the strange, surreal and sinister.

If you haven’t figured it out, you probably haven’t been paying attention: “Alternate Histories,” which features said act being performed upon said icon of evil, is the 17th of 18 episodes in the animated anthology. By that point, you’ll have seen full frontal nudity (male, female, and demonic); you’ll also have seen a zero-G rendition of 127 Hours that deserves every Foley Art award possible, plentiful crushed heads, and even more plentiful arcing ichorous spews, and a sex scene that looks like the result of Cinemax becoming a game developer. You may not want to watch with your youth group leader is all I’m saying.

Love Death and Robots: Review, What to Know, Season 2

Love, Death & Robots Season 1 hit Netflix on Friday, March 15, 2019, offering 18 different stories of varied lengths between 6 and 17 minutes long, each telling a totally unique story using different animation styles. The series is produced by Deadpool director Tim Miller in collaboration with David Fincher, and it’s easily the most weird and mature TV series on Netflix.

Will Love, Death & Robots get a Season 2? What can we expect from it? There’s no point in predicting the plot of an anthological series like this, because future episodes could literally go anywhere and do anything within the realm of fantasy and science fiction.

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