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Modern Agriculture is the New Future of India


Agriculture is always the base of India and the farmers are like God to us who provides the food for us. But in the present time, the agriculture area is somehow being distorted due to lots of lack in this field. A major part of agricultural land is changing into drylands due to bad season and lack of proper rain and minerals. The cereal, pulses, and vegetables are not benefiting the farmers but require so much hard work that’s why most of the young people are not opting for this job. They are rather happy to work in factories based on daily wages because agriculture is not suitable in some places due to a lack of proper knowledge, minerals, and suitable weather.

But this era is not like the time before where the farmer was not able to know about the proper quality of seeds, quality of good soil and urea, pesticides, and composts. With the help of technology and gadgets, the farmers are now able to know about the quality of soil and seeds. With the farmer related channels and service center, they easily test their land productivity and get a good quality of manures and composts.

There are numbers of different channels and social media videos which will help the farmers to learn different mechanism to grow and increase their cultivation. Now the farmers can easily cultivate different cereals and vegetables with new techniques such as grafting can be helpful to grow colorful and beautiful flowers. The government are also intently participated and focused on the growth and development of the agricultural sector.

There are numerous examples are around us that show how many educated and professionals are returned from abroad just to entrepreneur themselves towards modern agriculture and they all have a great source of income just because of agriculture. They cultivate different types of fruits and vegetables in less time with more effective ways.

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